Project Description


Animated teasers, trailers, conference videos, sizzle videos and party invitations for the Samsung Developer Conference 2016.

The Samsung Developer Conference brings together thousands of developers, technologists, business leaders, innovators, designers, and content creators to network and learn about the next wave of intelligent technology.

This two-day event, along with its popular pre-event workshops, is packed with technical talks, hands-on labs and thought leader panels that provide attendees of all skill levels with the training, practical advice and the inspiration they need to stay at the forefront of the industry.

The Samsung Developer Conference mission is to guide participants experience new products, services and software from Samsung and its partners in both high impact and emerging categories such as mobile, IoT, cloud, wearables, enterprise, healthcare, VR.

The Challenge

In order to show the diverse panels and workshops alongside the latest products, the 2016 edition of Samsung Developer Conference required a series of tech-inspired animations and stunning effects.

Each trailer and animated video for Samsung Developer Conference had to be a statement of their inspiring work for every technology aficionado. Thus, we got appointed to create the materials needed.

The Solution

We selected different patterns inspired by the forming of crystals, space and geometry connecting them to the SDC identity and creating fluid visual effects.

Each trailer underlines their statement “Connecting The Future Everywhere You Look” and shows just that with stunning animation.

Samsung Developer Conference 2016

Registration Trailer

Samsung Developer Conference 2016

Party Invitation

Samsung Developers Conference 2016

Innovation Track Motion Graphics – Day 1

Samsung Developers Conference 2016

Innovation Track Motion Graphics – Day 2