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We all know very well that people are the most important acquisition in a company. That is why we understand that you want to attract and hire the perfect job candidates.

With a good Employer Branding strategy, your company can become that place that everyone is talking about and wants to work with.

From your corporate culture to key benefits and social responsibility, everything will define the way your prospective candidates see your company and determine them to choose you, instead of other companies.

Let us help you in reducing your employee turnover and ensure higher professional acquisition and retention.

Amber Women in Gaming

Women in Gaming is about simple stories that highlight the difficulties and the victories of women who have succeeded in an industry dominated by men.

AmberEmployee Handbook

To illustrate Amber's playful and cool work environment we made an Employee Handbook. The document summarizes the core insights about Amber, values and kaizen, the attendance expectations, define nonexempt and exempt employment statuses, the use of company property, and anything else an employee needs to know.

Amber Branding for Good – PR & CSR Campaigns

Amber is a Game Development company with a strong desire to make things better: to care for its employees, while also contributing to a number of great educational and social causes. We helped them with a multitude of initiatives to help them fulfill their goals.

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