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Web Design

Today, an online presence is absolutely necessary for any company if it intends to reach its customers easily. But how you get to them, it’s a different story! This is where our team of web design, UI and UX gets in.

We can help you design a website that not only presents your company and your products, but makes customers navigate easily, understand the content and purchase products.

We do all this with your brands image and with your customers behavior in mind, making sure they have a great experience navigating your website.

Let’s work together and make your brand shine!

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After creating your one of a kind website design, we need to make it hapen!

Our team is specialized in both front-end and back-end development, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

We are experienced in WordPress, Laravel, Magento 2, Shopify, Open Cart, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL, React.

This means that through a continuous maintenance processes we will upload all new materials / products, maintain communication with your clients and do everything necessary to keep the website running smoothly.


In the last years, games and apps became a big part of our lives. We have games to play on our phones / computers when we get bored, apps for shopping, apps for sport and mostly for everything we can think of.

But that doesn’t mean the market is saturated. So, if you plan to develop a great game or an impactful application, we can help you with all the support you need.

From the very beginning, in the research phase, till the launch of your project, our specialized team can coordinate the process with an artistic vision and necessary technical skills, to make sure your game or app becomes a hit.

Let’s work together and make your brand shine!

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Art & Technology are tools of our trade, passion for design is our fuel.

We use a personal, fun touch in our approach.

We’re team people – we’re close to our clients and like social ninjas we become a part of their teams.

And we make damn sure that we give our 100% to make things happen.

Our Latest Projects in Web Design & Web Development

These are a few of the things we could do for you.


BCR Space Dot George BCR – Browser-based Game

A browser-based 3D platformer game, that uses the mural graphics from Constanta Tourist Port as a trigger. The experience of the participants becomes complete for those who successfully pass the 4 levels, and claiming a physical prize at the end.


The Social Incubator Lucrez din nou Web Platform

A site that aggregates all job ads from 6 different platforms and offers support to the audience during the entire hiring process. More, the site invites users to literally take a walk inside an HR office where they can make a professional assessment to hone their skills and to create a CV according to the job openings.


Nhood Drumul Taberelor Website

We redesigned the site in a more dynamic and intuitive manner and we also added more functionality having in mind the needs of community. Besides the attractiveness, the site includes a lot of new features, articles, promotions, and events, everything that could help people to brighten up everyday life.


RocketRide Games RocketRide Website

We did a full redesign to a more flat design, more powerful colors (a bold red contrasting with blue-black backgrounds), working on all of the company’s marketing assets. We also redesigned the website to match the new branding and helped in creating a more seamless user experience.


RDGA Despre Jocuri Website

Using Wordpress, we created a fun, engaging website that explains the benefits of games, parental controls and helps parents get up to date with what their kids are playing. We used an abstract design theme that gives the site a dynamic feeling and blends well with game screenshots and posters.


Project Artivism Artivism Website

Using Wordpress, we created a dynamic and interactive website for Artivism with funky parallax effects and micro-animations. The site is alive and reacts to the mouse scroll, bringing a new depth to the user experience.


Auchan Unitate de Suport Medical – Auchan

With the unfortunate effects of COVID-19 putting stress on our medical system, our amazing client Auchan led the charge and assembled a team of partners to build a few new pre-hospitalization clinics from scratch. Auchan hired us to quickly create a website to support this wonderful initiative. We were excited to help.


Verita International School Website

We created a beautiful website for Verita International School, full of animations and microinteractions. It is a well-structured and professional website, that keeps a playful spirit of adventure.


What Font Is Website & Branding

What Font Is website’s design looked too sketchy, and our client needed a more professional touch in their site. The concept for our work was the Anatomy of the Font. Every detail on the website was then built in relation to this overarching concept.


Auchan Lillapois Website

We helped our client, Auchan, by creating an intuitive design and developing the LillaPois website. We took care of the on-page SEO and integrated Google Analytics with Search Console.


De BasmNesupusele

We created the Nesupusele site design from scratch, using some of the visual elements in the book of the same name, maintaining a consistency between offline and online.


Carbon Incubator Website

We developed Carbon Incubator’s website on a simple premise: Objectives first. Focus on the games in the incubator and the functionality – driving developers to apply to the Carbon Incubation Program.

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