Pattern Portfolio

Check out our latest projects to see some of what we can do


Nhood Drumul Taberelor Website

We redesigned the site in a more dynamic and intuitive manner and we also added more functionality having in mind the needs of community. Besides the attractiveness, the site includes a lot of new features, articles, promotions, and events, everything that could help people to brighten up everyday life.


RDGA Despre Jocuri Website

Using Wordpress, we created a fun, engaging website that explains the benefits of games, parental controls and helps parents get up to date with what their kids are playing. We used an abstract design theme that gives the site a dynamic feeling and blends well with game screenshots and posters.


Auchan Unitate de Suport Medical – Auchan

With the unfortunate effects of COVID-19 putting stress on our medical system, our amazing client Auchan led the charge and assembled a team of partners to build a few new pre-hospitalization clinics from scratch. Auchan hired us to quickly create a website to support this wonderful initiative. We were excited to help.


RGDA Event Branding

Dev.Play is the first conference on Game Development in Romania. For this year’s edition, we recreated their logo, key visuals and all the marketing assets, accordingly.


Tycoon Explainer Video

In order to showcase the benefits of the Tycoon app and platform, we created an animated explainer video. The design borrows from the Tycoon brand manual and gives it a high-tech, dynamic touch. We used isometric design because it gave a distinct 3D feeling to the video.


AmberEmployee Handbook

To illustrate Amber's playful and cool work environment we made an Employee Handbook. The document summarizes the core insights about Amber, values and kaizen, the attendance expectations, define nonexempt and exempt employment statuses, the use of company property, and anything else an employee needs to know.


Gamelab Visual Identity

This is Gamelab, an awesome Interactive Entertainment & Games Conference in wonderful Barcelona. We helped them with their visual identity, going through multiple logo iterations to find the best solution.


Carbon Incubator Branding

We created Carbon's visual identity on the conceptual pillars of Carbon as a natural element and motion as a driver of progress. Hexagons (signifying the atomic number of Carbon), particle acceleration, electricity are all part of the visual personality of the brand.