Project Description

What Font Is

Service Categories: Web Design & Web Development

The Challenge

WhatFontIs, a website that helps users indentify fonts from images hired us to fully rebrand and redesign the website.  We rebuilt the visual identity from scratch by only preserving the old logo, took care of the UX, fully redesigned the website and the automated e-mails.

The Solution

What Font Is website’s design looked too sketchy, so we started the project by wondering how does the font identification AI work. And then it hit us. The concept for our work was going to be the Anatomy of the Font. Every detail on the website was then built in relation to this overarching concept.

Then we started the UX work, simplifying the user journey and making sure everything was easy to understand and well organized. Then we built the design on top of that. We went for a bold blue that conveys trust and professionalism and with graphic elements hinting at the Font Anatomy concept.