Project Description

Taking the First Step to Global Success – Tap Busters

The Challenge

Tap Busters is an amazingly fun RPG / tapper mobile game, set in a Sci-fi universe where monsters have taken over the Galaxy. The player-controlled Tap Busters are a monster-fighting taskforce with a mission to go deep into the Universe and cleanse the all the evil.

The Solution

We created the game website (, managed their social networks, ads & app store presence and wrote the script for a funky game launch trailer video :).

The game has gone on to be published by Tilting Point, one of the most well-known game publishers in the world & has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Your mission: try out the game and TAP THAT SCREEN like there’s no tomorrow. Unleash the power of your fingers on unsuspecting monsters and villains!

The Trailer

The Responsive Website


App Store Presence

Social Media Management